Interesting animation sites :
  • 11 Second Club - A great site where you'll find a forum to post your work in progress and recieve interesting feedbacks and a nice monthly animation competition.
  • Speaking of Animation - A nice site with very interesting podcasts.
  • Animation Podcast - Another great site for podcasts.
  • Jungle Walk - A site with nice references on animals.
  • Jason Ryan's webinar - Some interesting tips. If you surf a bit on the site, you'll find out that there is some valuable free information.
Inspiring animators :
  • Carlos Baena - A must have bookmark ! Some great tips, excellent animation and overall a star in the animation sky.
  • Victor Navone - Another star... Known through the famous Alien Song animation, Navone's site is a gold mine !
  • Jeff Gabor - The man behind the reference ! What I love about Jeff Gabor is that he's very good at acting out his shots, and the acting is why I'm in the business.
  • Cameron Fielding - One of the best reels I've seen ! His Turok scenes are breathtaking and his last acting shot is brilliant.
  • BJ Crawford - A great traditional animtor. Check out his panda animation, it's amazing !
  • Luke Randall - Be sure to check out his short film which is excellent.
  • Zach A. Parrish - When you check out his personal work, it's interesting to see where he started and how much better he got ! A great example of how work pays out.
  • Aaron Koressel - Great animator. Be sure to check out his personal work !
  • Allison Rutland - Another great animator. I love the character from her short.
Friend animators (that are inspiring too) :
  • Hugo Cierzniak - A very talented animator I met while working at TeamTO studio.
  • Michel Urbanek - A rising star in the animation sky I work with at TeamTO.
Animation Blogs :
  • Spungella - A great site for animation resources, news, infos, videos etc... It was created by a good animator : Jean-Denis Haas
  • Digital Think - A nice french blog with regular updates on interesting animations.
  • Brendan Body's blog - A great blog from a great animator. A lot of hints, videos and thoughts.
  • Flip - Cameron Fielding's blog. A lot of great hints and info on his journey in the animation business and his workflow.
  • Pencil Test Depot - The name says it all. Great resource for pencil test videos.
  • Kyle Kenworthy's blog - A blog with interesting video references and other thoughts on animation.
  • Malcon Pierce - Very good animator, interesting blog.
  • Flipbooks and Stuff - A good site for inspiration. Great drawings and animations.
  • Rad How To - An excellent site to improve your drawing skills.
  • Avamation - Some very inspiring animations.
  • I have an idea - A nice blog from Brandon Beckstead, yet another brilliant animator. I love his bug character.
  • Persistence of Vision - An interesting blog.
Sites to learn about animation and workflow :
Books I recomend :